Erika has been massaging me for over six years. Not only do I enjoy it so much personally, I also give it as a gift to everyone I know on birthdays and holidays. She has magical hands, and is very well trained and in tune with the body. She makes it a wonderful experience while healing your body and mind. She is Fabulous!

Arina R. Cabral | CEO Why Cook? 310 278-3955

I have been seeing Erika for about a year. waxing and sometimes facials. She is the BEST!! love her. she makes an incomfortable nessesity a relaxing and fun experience. She extremely clean and thorough.

Liz Lagarde | Sweet hot Salon Owner/Stylist

I just thought it was time to share my appreciation for all service that Erika has provided me with. She is definitely the best ‘waxer’ in town. She is quick, efficient and her skills make the experience as fast and painless as waxing can possibly be. Thank you Erika!!!!!

Cintia Czente

I have been seeing Erika for 2 years for regular waxing. My first appointment with her was the first time I had ever gotten a Brazilian wax, and as one would expect, I was incrediblynervous, self-conscious and scared. Erika immediately put me at ease with her calm demeanor and great sense of humor. Since that first appointment, I have continued to visit her on a regular basis, and she continues to make me laugh and keep me calm during what would otherwise be a nerve-wracking experience. She is also incredibly meticulous, a required trait for anyone in her line of work. On top of that, her ability to keep the treatments in-house allow her to offer cheaper rates than you would find elsewhere. I have whole-heartedly recommended Erika to my friends, and I would never use anyone else!


I had my first brazilian wax with Erika. Not only did she do a amazing job, but she was very sweet and put me at ease making the entire experience as painless as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone for her first -or one hundredth- wax-